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I will help you put together the ceremony you have dreamed about, helping you creatively plan the various components of your customized wedding ceremony, providing an order of service, and delivering a wedding ceremony that is a joyful, meaningful experience for you, your fiancée, your family and friends.

- Rev. John Huffman

Frequently Asked Questions

When should we hire an officiant?

Contracting your officiant should be near the top of the list, fairly soon after choosing a date and selecting a location. Unfortunately, many couples wait until they are a couple of weeks from their wedding day and find most officiants are already booked. Although some officiants can occasionally accommodate a ceremony of late notice into their schedule, it often proves to be a major risk; which leaves the couple frustrated and having to settle for whoever is available.

What is the process, once we have selected you as our officiant?

Once you decide to have Rev. John Huffman to officiate at your wedding ceremony, he will meet with you and help personally craft the wedding of your dreams. He will go over various options and components to have as part of your ceremony. After your informal meeting, I Rev. John Huffman will create the ceremony outline and email it to you for your approval.

Do we have to have a rehearsal?

Quite frankly no. It is completely up to you. With that said, it is recommended to have a rehearsal if your wedding party includes attendants, family, or special features helping to insure a smooth and worry free ceremony. I have found the more participants, the more a rehearsal is recommended.

We only want a simple little wedding and have no need for all the extras, do you do those?

I gladly perform all ceremonies, from the simple to the elaborate. Rev. John Huffman has performed ceremonies in living rooms, with only the couple and witnesses present; as well as performing in some of the largest venues the area has to offer.

We are rather daring and have some ideas for an "out of the ordinary" wedding. Do you perform those?

This question is not a simple yes or no. It depends on what is involved; but, typically, these are well within my range. Call me and we can discuss it, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that I will not only perform the ceremony but may offer suggestions to make it even further out of the ordinary.

We are not real sure what we want, can you help us?

Absolutely! I take the time to understand and listen to you, then offer suggestions and tips, and I will also help you find a location if so desired. Often times a couple simply wants to put the entire ceremony in our hands, which we gladly accept.

We are not involved in any religion and would prefer a non-religious ceremony, does that offend you?

Rev. John Huffman performs as many non-religious ceremonies as he does religious. Weddings of all kinds are given the same detailed attention, passion and focus.

We have children from previous marriages/relationships and want them included. Can that be done?

Again most definitely! Children of the bride or groom can easily be included into the ceremony. There are several options for this; from the simple mentioning of their name and recognizing them within the ceremony, to a more formal family union within the framework of the ceremony. I deal with this situation quite frequently and can offer suggestions or include your own specifically desired action.

Do we have to deal with the marriage license after the ceremony?

Once you have applied and received the license, your job is done - except to give it to me. This is usually done just prior to the ceremony. I will get the needed signatures from the witnesses you select and then once the ceremony is completed, I will certify the license with my signature. On the first business day after the ceremony, your license will be mailed to the appropriate court clerk.

How do we pay you?

You can pay in cash or check either before or after the ceremony.

Should the officiant be given a tip?

Gratuities are a method for someone to extend an extra bit of thanks to a service professional for a job well done. We gladly accept them, but they are never expected nor solicited.


We have known John Huffman for many years and we could not have imagined anyone else officiating over our marriage ceremony. We love his genuineness, compassion, and humor. We knew if this day ever came for us, it would be John we would want to marry us.

The service he put together was made just for us and very personal. He paid special attention to ideas we had and offered great suggestions to go along with our desires. On every level it far exceeded our expectations and brought our family and friends into the experience with us.

Without exception every person in attendance commented that it was the most beautiful wedding service they had ever attended.

Thank you John for making our wedding day so memorable. We love you so much and appreciate your graciousness.

- Lisa & Tom McIntosh

John was such a wonderful part of our destination wedding. He built and personalized the ceremony around us and our wishes, and also incorporated moments and readings that were relevant and meaningful. His experience and insight helped us to build an event that ran smoothly and involved our friends, family and guests. We're still receiving compliments - one of our guests asked us later what it felt like to "start our marriage with an event that everyone who attended would never forget". Thank you, John, for making our wedding so beautiful and memorable for us all!

- Emily & Steve Buxbaum

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