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I will help you put together the ceremony you have dreamed about, helping you creatively plan the various components of your customized wedding ceremony, providing an order of service, and delivering a wedding ceremony that is a joyful, meaningful experience for you, your fiancée, your family and friends.

- Rev. John Huffman

Wedding Ceremonies

There are no limits on creativity when it comes to weddings. Every couple is different and the differences are what make your special day unique. There is no right or wrong, so let your personal desires take the lead. What is of utmost importance is that the heartfelt emotions you bring to your ceremony be well reflected to yourselves and your guests. Everything else will grow naturally from there. Do not hesitate to use anything about yourselves or your beliefs that are special, unique or personally important. Your guests have come to see you celebrate your love and commitment and your wedding is the perfect time to show them who you are and how you feel.

Vow Renewals

There is not much more special than when a couple decides to reaffirm the bond that has held them together for years. They are obviously doing something right and we all happily watch as they go about their lives enjoying each other's company.

Vow renewals are as unique as the couple involved. The new ceremony can be a duplicate of the original or something entirely new and different that incorporates your family that has grown up around you and the love and wisdom you have gained through the years. You might even be able to create the dream wedding this time that circumstances did not allow the first time around. Either way, your desire to honor the past as you look forward to the future is the foundation for a very moving ceremony. You are declaring to yourselves and to the world at large that you love each other so much you want to commit your love all over again together.

Specialty Ceremonies

  • Breaking of the Glass
  • Broom
  • Coins Ceremony
  • Communion
  • Dove Release
  • Hand Fasting
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Rose Exchange
  • Salt Covenant
  • Sand Ceremony
  • Unity Candle
  • Veil & Cord Ceremonies

Sample Vows

Sample One

GROOM : With this ring I thee wed as a symbol of my abiding love.  With a heart committed to you, I abandon all others.  I will surround you with strength, provision and love.  I will cherish you all the days of my life.

BRIDE : With this ring I thee wed as a symbol of my abiding love.  With a heart committed to you, I abandon all others.  I will surround you with respect, with honor and with love.  I give you all that I am.

Sample Two

I (name), take you (name) to be my (husband/wife), my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart and my love from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.

Sample Three

I, (name), choose you (name) to be my (husband/wife), to respect you in your successes and in your failures, to care for you in sickness and in health, to nurture you, and to grow with you throughout the seasons of life.

Sample Four

From this day on I choose you to be my beloved soul mate, to live with you and laugh with you; to stand by your side and sleep in your arms; to be joy to your heart and food to your soul; to bring out the best in you always; to be the best I can be, just for you; to celebrate with you in the good times; to struggle with you in the bad; to solace you when you are down-hearted; to wipe your tears with my hands; to care for you with my entire being; to share with you everything that I have; as we treat each other with tenderness, compassion and love.


We have known John Huffman for many years and we could not have imagined anyone else officiating over our marriage ceremony. We love his genuineness, compassion, and humor. We knew if this day ever came for us, it would be John we would want to marry us.

The service he put together was made just for us and very personal. He paid special attention to ideas we had and offered great suggestions to go along with our desires. On every level it far exceeded our expectations and brought our family and friends into the experience with us.

Without exception every person in attendance commented that it was the most beautiful wedding service they had ever attended.

Thank you John for making our wedding day so memorable. We love you so much and appreciate your graciousness.

- Lisa & Tom McIntosh

John was such a wonderful part of our destination wedding. He built and personalized the ceremony around us and our wishes, and also incorporated moments and readings that were relevant and meaningful. His experience and insight helped us to build an event that ran smoothly and involved our friends, family and guests. We're still receiving compliments - one of our guests asked us later what it felt like to "start our marriage with an event that everyone who attended would never forget". Thank you, John, for making our wedding so beautiful and memorable for us all!

- Emily & Steve Buxbaum

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